Evening Walk - Mount Taylor

Evening Walk - Mount Taylor

Thu 30th Nov 2023


Part-day walk

There are many different ways to climb up and down Mount Taylor, and this walk takes us to the top via two of them, and down by another two. There'll be a short warm up walk on the flat before the first climb and descent, then approx. one km easy walking around the base before the second climb and descent which returns us to our starting point.

6.30pm start from the car park at the end of Waldock Street.

6km and 350m climbing.

Bring a torch.

Please book as usual via Bilby, and if the walk is cancelled for any reason (e.g., too hot, too wet) valid participants will be notified via Bilby by 5:30pm on day of the walk.

Additional Information

Booking deadline

Thu 30th Nov 2023 05:30pm





Distance (km or hrs)

1.5 to 2 hours





Map name


Terrain information

Mostly well formed tracks and fire trails. One ascent is via a little used track that is uneven and rocky.

Transport information

Find your own way to the car park at the end of Waldock Street, Chifley.

A walk or similar activity with a duration of a day or part day. No overnight gear required.

Date and Time

Start: Thu 30th Nov 2023 @ 06:30pm
Approx Return: Thu 30th Nov 2023 @ 08:30pm
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